3D Modeling

What is 3D Modeling?

It's basically a process for creating a 3-dimensional object, through specific programs for it. With this technique, you can simulate objects, scenarios and characters in animated or static scenes.

We have the 3d modeling service to help you get ideas off the paper, creating a digital model that can be printed later or used for other purposes. Each 3d model can have its start in scribbles, sketches, two-dimensional illustrations, technical drawings, photographs or other references and from there we start to work.



We provide 3D Modeling services to assist in the development of designs and concepts of architecture and design, replica of damaged components, industrial equipment, 3D parts and assemblies for engineering, technical detailing, pieces of furniture, art and molds for industrial and food sector.


So we can offer:

Product development / Development of animations and videos for the marketing of the project / Technical documentation 2D / Mechanical Simulation / Virtual prototyping / Reverse engineering.



The content contained in the portfolio is the exclusive property of 3DMaker, some of these works have been patented so that reproduction, copying, manipulation, alteration, attribution, diffusion and any type is expressly prohibited without prior authorization.